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Chartering your own aircraft from Eastern Air Express puts you in ultimate control of your journey! Any time…Anywhere, we handle each minor detail of your trip so that your entire flying experience is absolutely hassle free! Our knowledge and experience of the private aircraft industry gives our customers an advantage in chartering a private aircraft for business or pleasure. At Eastern Air Express our customers enjoy the safety, security, comfort, and pleasure that they deserve.

King Air B200 Exterior

King Air B200 Interior

Our Turbo Propeller aircraft are especially suited for the Florida / Caribbean area. The Goal of Eastern Air Express is to maximize comfort, while minimizing travel time and overall cost factors. Efficiency and value are important considerations when planning any trip.

Eastern Air Express Air Charter utilizes small, executive class airports that offer easy access to the customer’s home base and final destination. Private airports typically offer their patrons “free parking” just steps away from their door steps. Private car service and rental cars are easily arranged, in advance, by our staff. Additionally, flights can be custom catered to accommodate the most discriminating preferences.

Eastern Air Express Air Charter is FAA licensed Air Carrier (#1EAA348M). Our aircraft and flight crews exceed the FAA standards for safety and professionalism. Eastern Air Express pilots come from a large array of experience and receive extensive training on a regular basis. The aircraft are equipped with the latest in electronic equipment and receive preventative maintenance on a recurring schedule.

Eastern Air Express will provide its Customers with Safe, Reliable and Quality Aviation Services.

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  • EMAIL:              info@eaecharter.com
  • PHONE:             (954) 772 – 3363
  • ALTERNATE:   (954) 295 – 0681
  • FAX:                    (954) 756 – 8088
  • 2545 NW 55th Court Hangar 26, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
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