Aircraft Management

An aircraft is an important productivity tool, but when you start to deal with the logistics of maintenance, storage, staffing, scheduling, training and regulatory compliance, your purchase can deplete the time and resources you intended to protect. We do everything we can to streamline your aircraft ownership responsibilities.

Eastern Air Express can also offer you charter opportunities while you are not using your aircraft which helps maximize the cost effectivity of your asset. Whether flying or sitting idle you are paying for your aircraft and crew, so why not turn your aircraft’s downtime into revenue? Demand for nice equipment in the charter market has swelled beyond the current supply and Eastern Air Express has the ability, resources, and relationships to take advantage of this opportunity with your aircraft for you.

Like having an in-house flight department, Eastern Air Express aircraft management will manage all of the processes of aircraft ownership-just let us know when you need to fly. You’ll have a single point of contact and a single itemized bill for all of our services:

– Flight scheduling
– Recruiting & training of pilots and technicians
– Vendor contract negotiation
– Fuel purchases
– Hangar storage
– Scheduled maintenance

– Tracking hours of flight
– Notification of anticipated maintenance and part replacement
– All administrative issues associated with regulatory compliance
– Warranty tracking

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